Idioma: Español

Germán Pontoriero Trio is a power trio composed River Plate music on bandoneon Ignacio Santos, Miguel Villaveirán on drums and percussion and Germán Pontoriero on bass, vocals and percussion. Created by Germán Pontoriero, musician and composer with extensive experience in different genres, the trio tackles tangos, milongas and candombes the presence of elements of other styles like rock, jazz, jazzrock 70s and sounds of Brazil. In his first album, Germán Pontoriero Trio +, clustering works the River Plate and Latin sounds with African spices and tango, achieving a sound balance reflecting the musical climate of the cities of Rio de la Plata.

The album includes compositions Pontoriero and German versions of "Pena Mulata" Piana and Manzi, a tango arrangement of "Continuum" by Jaco Pastorius, "This is Candombe" Beto Satragni, "Candombeando", one of the successes of Alberto Castillo and as a bonus track, the sound of drums in honor Kumbabantú troupe Cocoa, who was its director. In the choice of repertoire can decipher the musical influences of this group, which uses elements of different music always from a rioplatense look.

Germán Pontoriero Trio + comes to challenge the notion that genres are watertight compartments and the idea that it can only merge from jazz. Mixturando different subgenres of Rio de la Plata with elements of other regions and cultures, the trio achieved an original sound and, in turn, strongly rooted in Argentina's popular music.

  • bass, vocals and percussion on "Continuum".

  • Bandoneón.

  • Drums and percussion.

  1. Slap tango (Pontoriero)
  2. Pena mulata (Manzi/Piana)
  3. Choro porteño (Pontoriero)
  4. Esto es candombe (Beto Satragni)
  5. Abuelitango(Pontoriero)
  6. Buenos Aires negra (Pontoriero)
  7. Milonga Guariló (Pontoriero)
  8. Continuum -versión tango- (Jaco Pastorius)
  9. Adalbertango(Pontoriero)
  10. Candombeando(Rubén Teobaldo Carámbula)
  11. Bonus track: Toque de milonga candombe de Kumbabantu (dedicado a Cocoa)

Production: Germán Pontoriero
Design and cover art: Patra García


Lechuga Beckerman: pandeiro y coros (temas 3, 4 y 7) , Leonel de Francisco: trompeta (tema 10), Kumbabantú: Mariana Pozzi, Martín Terente, Daniel Barreiro, Tabaré Rosello, Gervasio Acosta y Miguel Villaveiran.