Idioma: Español

This group forms in the year 2003 on German Pontoriero's initiative, in his idea of interpreting popular "milongas", but that rarely were spread his sung, like that versions as some tangos led to the Milonga's rithm, using a base with prevalence of percussion instruments.

Milongas, tangos, candombes and some lees shape the digest of the group Polentaitum it takes part in the festival VI and VII international of tango and in the circuit of notable bars of the city of Buenos Aires.

It realizes also presentations in traditional tango dancing as those of the confectionery " The ideal one " and in theatres as the "Chacarerean Theatre" and “Tasso”

  • Vanesa Turon :piano and back vocals.

  • Alberto “Pata” Corbani: Urban Cajon, Percussion.

  • Germán Pontoriero: lead vocal, bass, guitar and Percussion.

Vanesa Turon: piano, vocals / Diego Cueto: percussion and vocals Sergio Moldes: flute and soprano sax / Alberto "Pata" Corbani: urban drawer, percussion / German Pontoriero: vocals, bass, guitars and percussion.


Martin Pitu Frontera, glosses (Sarabande Arrabalera) - Esteban Buazzo, bass drum with cymbal-to habitués, choir carnavalesco - Candombe drums Kumbabantú - Marisa Otero voice - Maia Mazzarella, Luna Roig, Dulce Osisnali and Paul Angulo, choirs.

The new artistic production of permanent Polentaitum confirms the gender rescue of our city and region that contains us, the Rio de la Plata. In this pursuit, crossed by the colors of our Bs present, the proposal relies heavily on rhythm, basic leg conformation of tango as a genre, extends to the milongas, and porteña candombes. Carnavalesco The emergence of gender in Withdrawal song format closes the excellent work, in correspondence with the new air of the metropolis.

Rescuing the black origins of Buenos Aires music and “Rioplatense” region , " Black Milongas ", gives us a special and particular sound. The original black slaves percussion , the guitars, a“cayenguera” voice joined to the expressiveness of the clarinet (native of the Central European immigrants) plus some brushstrokes of bandoneón and acordeón give a different style to Buenos Aires music. "Black Milongas” recreates, with his almost tribal march of percussion, the classic ones installed in our imaginary popular one, leaving an important space to the new compositions.

Also participated in writing the CD MILONGAS BLACK Victor Murstein in Clarinet, Rubén "Mosca" Bloise in percussion; Rodrigo Mercado in bandoneón and Ivan Mackiavelo in candombe´s drums.